Academic success

Sigma Phi Epsilon at Missouri S&T is no stranger to academic success. Over the last three semesters, SigEp boasts an impressive 3.32 GPA - highest among fraternities in that time span. Having noted the exemplary scholastic history of SigEp, it is no surprise that SigEp has had 33 members on co-op over the last three semesters (most among fraternities) and a whopping 16 members achieve a 4.0 during the spring 2018 semester. Sigma Phi Epsilon’s pro-academic culture and atmosphere has fostered the growth of a robust file system and mentoring program, ensuring a smooth transition from a high school senior to a college freshman for new members.


Sigma Phi Epsilon - MO Gamma Chapter has consistently been a strong competitor in intramural sports for the past decade. We have placed in the top three the past three years and finished no lower than 4th in intramural among all fraternities on campus since 2008. We have won the softball, flag football, and track intramural championships the past two years in a row. For the current intramural season, we are in first place by a wide margin, having won the softball, paintball, billiards, and flag football championships thus far. We look to further secure our first place overall position this year by continuing to win more championships in the spring semester and to carry our current success into future intramural seasons.